Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So you say you don't believe in God?

Maybe it's the isolation, maybe it's the separation from the world that has allowed me to see what I believe more clearly now than I have ever seen before.  The world is going through something not seen before in the history of mankind.  Perspective is extremely important as we all can see with our own eyes what has been unfolding in front of us all for these past few years.  This is only a relatively short period of history in relation the the vast archive of humanity's walk upon this earth.
Perspective teaches us that in order to understand and then be able to react, we must have a firm grasp on what is truth reality and what is learned conjecture.
So what am I talking about?
I will state the obvious;  since the dawn of recorded mankind, man has always been seeking the truth surrounding our very existence.  I believe that deep inside the heart of every man and woman is a yearning to understand why we are here, where we came from and what we are supposed to do while we live.  History of humanity has to be regarded as the plumb line that has shown we are searching for Truth.  But, there are some interesting facts about this recorded history that should raise the eyebrows of everyone who seeks the Truth.
Millennia gone past has revealed several facts; in particular, one tiny nation among all those of the world has continued to survive against other nations who have tried many times to destroy her and capture her lands.  Some have managed to conquer her lands and people, but always a remnant of the people survive and return to their homeland to re-build.  Her enemies destroyed or extinct in many cases.
Israel has recorded history dating back over 4000 years ago, almost the longest recorded history of all nations who have ever lived.  Only a few others show records a few scant years older.
This is a factual truth.  I want to combine some other details that science has dug up that has produced only more speculation.
Language:  Science has deciphered ancient languages to show that all language has developed from a parent root language, not more than 4 to 5 thousand years ago.  Before that, science is only speculating.  What is interesting and cannot be explained is that several of these base languages are complete with extensive structure, both verbal, and written.  Immediately prior to any record of written languages we have only a collective of drawings, pictographs and stone carvings.  Even the dating of these examples is speculative simply because methods for dating seem to indicate they all began at nearly the same time in history, within a few hundred years of each other.  So science does what seems to be logical in trying to establish that these many different languages seem to be based in a root language.  They named this hypothetical language Proto-Indo-European.  Without any evidence, written, or in stone, or otherwise, science has firmly stated that language evolved from this one mother language.  It is interesting that this hypothesis exists because science also looked at archaeological evidence of the migration patterns of ancient peoples.  Evidence suggests that all migration began in ancient Asia, near Turkey or Iran and spread out from there, around 5,000 to 6,000 years ago.  Over the years, dialects in language changed and evolved into different speech, new words, resulting in new languages.  Science feels this is the best hypothesis for all language as to how all of these languages came about about at the same time in history; all roughly about the same time.  Tied together with migration, languages have evolved as the peoples have moved away from each other, but, all stemming back from only one parent language.
Nice's another one.
The Bible records the people began to build a tower to honor themselves and be able to reach the heavens so they could also be "like God".  At this time, all the people spoke the same language, and had spread out across the lands after the Great Flood; all these descendants of Noah and his sons.  God came down and confounded the speech of the people so they could not understand each other.  The building of the tower to Heaven ceased and the people dispersed, unable to communicate with each other.  The place was called Babel after that. Genesis 11:9.
It is interesting to see that scientific evidence fits hand in glove what the Bible states in recorded history.  We have no evidence of a first language anywhere, but science believes all languages are rooted in this one first language.  Exactly what the Bible states.
Is it merely a coincidence that the scientific hypothesis for the proof of the beginnings of Language for all of humanity point to one language for all peoples, and is not older than 6,000 years ago?
Science has only recently put together these conclusions when the Bible recorded them almost 4,000 years ago.  Yet these same scientists are still resisting the obvious proof staring them in the face.

Now, here's where I am going with all of this up to this point:  If we are a species who has evolved from our ancestral ape grandparents and through the course of time, (a short time I might add) How did all of humanity end up in a tiny area of the middle east where the first languages have been discovered?  Why has archaeology not discovered any civilization on this great planet older than 6,000 to 7,000 years old?  How is it that we have this great explosion of the development of civilization and along with it, language, culture, arts, science...all of which indicate great intelligence far exceeding any other species.  What is glaringly obvious to me is this, all of these characteristics of human existence, and development all commenced in recorded history at the same time.  This development of humanity occurred within a very short window compared to the alleged curve humanity followed as we evolved from pre-historic man.  How is this possible?

While language, culture, science or civilization are not the only definitive proofs for our belief in a creator, our existence as a species does not fit with the model of evolution as science would have us believe.  Language and these other characteristics have not evolved in the way evolution has suggested they should have.  In fact, the evidence indicates that all civilization suddenly appeared, in a very short period of time, very complex in context, not that long ago and beginning in one specific location on earth.  Exactly where the Bible says it started.
While evidence exists for civilizations that are older than recorded language it is interesting to note that all these ancient civilizations are now extinct.  Seemingly having died out at the same time around 6,000 to 7,000 years ago.  I wonder what could have caused that global catastrophe?  We'll save this for another time!

Do not be fooled by conjecture of those who would have you believe that you evolved out of pond sludge over millennia.  The evidence is there for those who seek.
Be blessed.


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