Friday, January 10, 2014

Rio Vista Still Growing!

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January 10, 2014

Wow!  I can hardly believe it is 2014 already!  I mean, did you think that 2013 went as fast as I did?  You know what they say,”Time flies when your havin' fun!” 

Or is it the other saying, “The year’s go by faster when you get older!”

Personally I think it’s a little of both!  No matter, we’re still here and still moving ahead, one step at a time!

Praise report for the first week of January, as I reported on our Facebook site for Rio Vista Guest House, we have confirmed 8 team bookings already for the new year; 6 of them before we get to May!

The jig is up folks, people are starting to figure out where they want to put their teams…I love it when a plan comes together!

We have to give all the credit to God with the past year and all that will come.  While the road has been bumpy He has always been there for us as we continued to forge ahead.

As we continue to take bookings for this year we are ever mindful of the imminent expansion of the facility.  Rio Vista was always planned as a 2 stage project; the 1st stage complete with the ground floor, six rooms and pool, as well as all the infrastructure for the 2nd and 3rd levels.

That said we are beginning the campaign this year to continue the build on the facility.  The first additional project needing completion will be the outdoor commercial kitchen and dining hall; this will give Rio Vista the capacity required to feed over 50 for each meal.  Moreover, once the dining hall is complete we can move forward on the next 2 levels.  Demand for the facility is already in place as many Mission Organizations have already requested to stay with us.  Praise God we need to build as the house is already too small! Our current capacity is maxed at 15-16 people and we have turned teams away as large as 40.

As we enter into the New Year with our supporters we hope that you would prayerful consider a gift to support this Mission.  All the teams that come to stay at Rio Vista are working with many other Ministries that have already based themselves on the North Coast of the D.R.  We are right in the middle of a very large Mission Field and we feel supremely blessed to be able to serve His people in this way.

This is the current state of the commercial kitchen;  Still needs a floor, roof and power to be applied, all the rough build is finished.  Budget for completion:  $5000

This is the view from the pool-side: a covered dining hall needs to be constructed beside the Kitchen area.  Seating is available for 50 when the thatched-roof dining room is finished.  This hall frames the pool area and garden!  Budget to finish this project: $5,000.

All construction donations are tax-deductible through our associate partner in Canada, Bridges of Hope International Network of Development Agencies Inc.

Mike and Laura Boisclair
Sosua, D.R.