Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is the Measure of a Man?

This is an age old question that has been asked probably since the beginning of knowledge.  However, the question cannot be answered without perspective, without an understanding of when mankind began.  The almost endless debate will undoubtedly continue even after many proofs have been brought forward, discussed, argued over and then cast aside simply because of unbelief.  Unbelief that we have all been created for a purpose, that each life has meaning and direction.  The tragedy occurs when those who cannot wrap their minds around the thought of having a creator who has a purpose for mankind, blindly stand in defiance of the truth and will even seek other fantastical ideas in order to give themselves satisfaction for their lives.  Too many have forgotten the past or have failed to look at the vast amounts of information gathered in libraries and universities that point mankind back toward a creator.  The simple fact is that in the face of all the information mankind has created to fit his theories of evolution or the age of all things, there stands a consistent yet pervasive line of control weaving throughout our known timeline of existence.  This line indicates that something is behind the scenes moving our environment in order to give us the world we as mankind can exist in and help to develop.  Upon that line is an unprecedented number of believers who followed the precepts handed down by God from generation to generation.  Sure there have been many who have fallen off of the line as they walked through life, even leading others astray as they fell.
There is also only one written authority that parallels the line from beginning to present day; The Bible.  Of all the ancient writings that archaeology has uncovered, only the Bible remains the oldest and most consistent, verified manuscript, with proven documented events from our history.  Other writings of course exist, but none to the graphic extent of the Bible.  No other genealogy from any other nation at any other time has ever been written.  The History of the Bible is pervasive from almost the beginning of mankind, with some of the writings dating back over three thousand years.
The non-believing world of today has stated that science will discover the true reasons behind the creation of everything and soon we will know why it all began.  Simply because the rules of physics and mathematics are pure and can not change, therefore they have always existed.  Ironically, the deeper man delves into the inner and outer workings of life and the universe, the more complex are the discoveries.  This complexity is creating a mathematical problem for the "accidental creation" theorists.  Science has looked deep into our own body only to discover we have so many working, moving parts, all working together in perfect harmony that the odds of our having come to being by "Accident" is a mathematical impossibility.
Science has already proven mathematically that the universe we live in and all that surrounds us cannot exist the way it does given the vast amounts of evidence pointing toward the creation a long time ago.  That said they are all still speculating about ages of all things; it has been "assumed" that our world and our universe must be exceedingly old because it is so vast and rates of expansion create a large timeline for all things in the universe. However, these same scientists have also not answered the question of why all things exist.  How did it all start and if it was a start as they surmise, then there must be a purpose to all of it.  Science has also been unable to answer the question of why our relatively "short" existence as mankind on the earth has shown to be the most intelligent, creative, sentient species to have ever existed; that we know of.  These same scientists cannot fit the evolution of man into the relatively large window of evolution, (origin of the species) given all the existing evidence so far.  Mankind appears to have suddenly developed no more than 10,000 years ago; there of course are anomalies in this timeline, but suffice to say that there is simply not enough evidence to have man existing longer than this small period of time.  There is no evidence of man running around on the earth forming himself into communities and building things prior to this point in history.  Moreover, the development of language and writings appear at almost exactly the same time, with little to no evidence of development from no communication to immense vocabularies and differing types of language.  All this in 10,00 years or less?  This begs a huge philosophical question, "Mankind evolved from a beast unable to form words and communicate into the great thinker that he is today in the smallest evolutionary window compared to the age of all things?"  This is essentially what stands between belief in a creator and belief in life having no purpose.
There then stands only two points of view, creation by a creator for a purpose, or existence by accident, we are just a chance happening.

There are no other choices in our short history: Mankind had suddenly appeared and assumed the top position on the ladder of life on earth when it is just as likely (mathematically) that any other species could have done so.  However, mankind is so much further advanced than any other species, our own evolution stands as an anomaly to the very theories of man.  We just don't fit the mold of evolution; we measure up much higher than anything else we know or have ever known.

So this is the question then," What is your measure?"  "Why are you here?"  "What do you believe?"
Why are so many opposed to seeking the truth for themselves to find purpose in their lives?

I believe that many are afraid to seek the truth, for knowing the absolute truth means we are not number one in each of our lives, for if we were created for a purpose, then something is bigger than we are: a lot bigger.  Fear drives mankind into assuming he is on the top of the food chain, life becomes dog-eat-dog, we seek to become king of our world as we know it.  Belief is what it is, you can choose to believe whatever you want, but if your belief leads you to a life with no purpose having come from an accidental beginning, a chance occurrence then I believe you are not looking at all the evidence.  You are simply following the crowd, you are a lemming if you will.  Doomed to live a life with no direction, no purpose, no fulfillment because you are following a lie.  Ironically, those who are following the lie will say that I am following a lie; that there is no evidence of God in the world.  They would say. "How can you believe in a God that allows so many of His people to suffer?"    The fact of the matter is that all who are born will live and then die, how we choose to do so is what causes suffering.  God also chooses indiscriminately whom He will take, both believer and non-believer, both child and adult.  Yes I believe in a God that allows mankind to suffer, because that very same God also blesses me with life, and life more abundantly.

There is hope though, for the Measure of Man is to seek the Truth.  When you seek the Truth you will find God.  Once you understand then you will see your purpose;  to deny the Truth is to deny yourself, of your very existence, of your very real purpose.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Give credit where credit is due...

I have to tell you that I am a little tired this morning.  This is a good tired though, knowing that the week we have just enjoyed was chock full of experience, blessings, new found friends and the confirmation of God's tremendous love for all of us.
Just over a week ago Rio Vista received their first ever Mission Team from Florida on April 5, 2013.  15 people arrived safely in the wee hours of the morning and slept quickly as the morning was only five hours away.  After a bit of a chaotic start the hosts soon found their groove and never skipped a step for the entire week.  We must however, thank our very good friends James and Sylvia Stroeve who came down to see Laura and I for a holiday and I worked them everyday getting the facility ready for the team.  More than that, they were strong assets in our initiation to the Guest House Industry, helping out wherever necessary. 

The team enjoyed our hospitality and the facility God has built for them;  very few problems appeared while the team was here. The hot water on demand performed perfectly! As well the power stayed on for nearly the entire week! 
We must give thanks to all of you who helped see us through to this point in our journey!  You all know who you are so I won't name names.  We are so blessed to have had such support around us as we worked to get the Mission House ready for teams.  It is interesting to note though that while the team was here one of them came up to me and asked me to share how we had come to the D.R.  I gave them the "short" version stating that God gave me the vision and we had just enough Faith to make the step.  The lady asked me how I could hold onto the dream for so long, "What was it that made you keep going?"  She asked.
"Faith in Him,"  "Faith in knowing His promises to me if I followed Him,"
"Faith in seeing the continued blessings come from all over the place, through people we had never met"
"Faith in understanding that it is through our hands that God does His Great works, it is through our hearts that God shows us His compassion for His people."

The short version is Faith...the long version is still going...in my life everyday, through Him who lives in me I give all the glory.  For I am just a man doing what God has called me to do, feeding His sheep.
Bless you all