Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We are so small....

In the big picture of the History of the world, each of us could feasibly consider that we could not possibly play a significant part in the whole scheme of things.  A little perspective is required here:

-you are one person alive in a sea of over 7 Billion other people on earth
-since the dawn of recorded mankind science estimates that over 110 Billion people have lived and died since creation, more or less, I am not sure if this is right as it is only an assumption based on the age of fossil discoveries
-our planet is one planet in our solar system that is part of a larger system we call the Milky Way.  This system is only a part of a much larger Universe which surrounds our system.  The Milky Way in perspective contains millions of stars similar to our sun and likely those stars have planets that rotate around them.  This creates a huge potential number of planets in the known Universe.  Moreover, other systems of planets exist in our visible Universe besides the Milky Way.  This means we are part of a system which contains literally billions of stars and planets, not to mention the uncountable numbers of satellites and moons.

So what is my point?

Science today has tried to speculate as to how everything was formed, in doing so man has also speculated as to how we came to be alive; as in how everything came alive!  But folks this is the kicker:
The one thing science and mathematics cannot tell anyone of us is "Why?"  anything was created at all.

You see the scientists have formulated many hypothesis over time using visible evidence of the Universe and mathematics and then proposed many theories.  The most popular theory today is that our Universe and all that is in it are a result of some cosmic accident over 14 Billion years ago that set in motion the expanding of the known Universe and then the random creation of planets and stars; the "Big Bang". With the then random start of life from lifelessness, and the subsequent expansion of life and progress of the development of higher order species evolving from single cell organisms into humanity and a million different species of life so different from each other it still boggles the mind.
Now if you believe that everything is here around us, on our planet, in our solar system, in our Universe is the result of a cosmic accident you still have no answer as to "Why?" anything happened at all!  Think about it, what can cause a giant spark to happen in a big empty space of nothing,(which by the way defies all logic and known laws of physics surrounding fire).  Even then after this "Big Bang" happens which was caused by nothing and with nothing for no purpose other than to expand a bunch of nothing into a whole bunch of planets and stars which a spinning around and around each other for millions of years growing farther apart with no end in sight.  Really?  I mean Really?
Interesting point here, some of these scientists and physicists are beginning to look at the evidence and are also seeing the problem they have created with the theory.  I'll explain...The theory states that everything started way back when with some sort of massive explosion, some form of spontaneous combustion of an unbelievably large pile of all the elements needed to create everything.  The Big Bang Theory estimates that all the stuff that makes up our Universe existed at some point as a large pile of matter, unformed and non-responsive to any of the known laws of physics (This is just a guess of course)  Then something, caused the explosion which forced all the matter in the Universe to expand away from this one central point in space, expanding away, forming into planets and stars, moons and satellites, rivers and oceans, amoebas and elephants, dogs and cats, people and chimps.
I have a headache.
This is what happens when man falls away from the truth, he creates such a complicated lie and continues to build on it so that by the end of the story (I'm sure we are not there yet) it sounds like science fiction instead of truth.

There of course is another theory.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Genesis 1:1

The evidence for this is right within each of us, after all, there is no other species running around trying to figure out how all of this came about.  Only man has the ability to reason out details which God himself has exposed to us for us to discern.  Our fathers all trusted God since the dawn of recorded History.  Oh sure, many of our fathers never even walked the path of God trusting Him to guide their lives, this is evidenced by the destructive nature of mankind.  Our History is still vibrating with the cataclysmic nature of our wars and battles between ourselves, usually over nothing but pride or greed.  Today some of us have continued to stray so far away from God and His truths that we would believe a lie created by ourselves and compound that lie generation after generation with more speculation as to how we came to be.  Only to get to discover that your lie has a flaw..."Something had to create all the elements that make up the Universe?"

I like my theory better....much easier, not simple mind you....you should try it.

Go ahead...I dare you.


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