Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Work Continues

Hello everyone Y Dios te Bendigas!

After only a couple of weeks and a flurry of activity around the project of Rio Vista we are now even closer to seeing the reality of the dream come true.  In the past month North Coast Missionary Services has received a tremendous blessing which has allowed us to continue with the build of the project.  As many of you know Rio Vista Mission House was contrived as an idea more than 5 years ago and Laura and I have been walking out God's plan for our lives with the Mission House in mind.
It was only a year ago that we found a suitable property upon which we could build the facility which would house Mission Teams who come to the island each year to work with the poor.

Previous blog posts have shown the construction of the Mission House from ground breaking until today and we are now even closer than ever to opening the house for Mission Teams.

Those of you that understand what God is doing here will see the fruit of His labor through our hands and know that He has truly blessed the project with support and gifts from many of His children.  We continue to give thanks to those of you who have been a support to this important Mission and encourage others to partner with us to see the fulfillment of His plans for the many lives which will be affected by this Mission in the years to come.

The pictures show the work continuing with the installation of wiring and light fixtures as well as the construction of the pump-house and kitchen to which we will later attach the open-air dining area.  (needs funding)

We have also begun the build of the perimeter security fence which will surround the compound of Rio Vista.  The pictures show the foundations of twelve columns which surround the property; each column has a solid concrete foundation with a stone laid in the concrete.  As you can see from the pictures each stone has upon it the name of each of the twelve Apostles.  Later the columns will also be adorned with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel; three plaques on each side facing North, South, East and West. 

 Taking this right from Revelations 21:12-13 I believe we are doing the most we can to bring protection to the Mission House and all those who stay at the facility.
 After the columns have been poured we can place a six foot wall between them which will fully enclose the compound.  We still require funding for the fencing between the columns; about $4,000 still to be raised.

Rio Vista Mission House will soon be ready for the first team to come and stay.  The Lord has surely seen the need for this facility as we have many groups now that are interested in staying at this facility.  It was the wife of renowned writer/minister Norman Vincent Peale who wrote "The Power of Positive Thinking" who gave him the quote "Find a need and fill it"

With respect to Mission Field necessities we have witnessed here in the Dominican Republic, Rio Vista Mission House fills this objective. quite nicely.
Moreover, because Rio Vista generates revenue on an annual basis the Mission will also be able to provide funding for many projects that still need to be completed in so many poor villages it boggles the mind.  This of course solves a tremendous problem of funding these many projects.
We are now taking bookings for teams for 2013 on a first come first serve basis.  Churches and Mission Organizations can contact us through this blog or through our website.
We still require funding to complete the first stage before teams can stay, after-all, we still need to buy the beds!  In total each room requires funding to completion of about $800.00  This means we need about 5,000 to buy beds, build closets, provide fans (For the hot nights!) and finish the bathrooms.

All in all less than 10,000 is all that stands between now and the first team to enjoy the all-inclusive comfort of Rio Vista Mission House.  Well maybe a little money for grass around the building; it will surely keep the mud out of the rooms!

I pray that you are blessed in your day and we look forward to seeing each of you soon as our guests at the Rio Vista Mission House!

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