Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Teachings of the Ant

I'm sitting on a restaurant patio watching a trail of ants. There must be hundreds in view at all times. They are making a six inch path between a rotten piece of wood on the building, across the rock patio about 20 feet to a bush growing out of  the walk way. I can't tell which is home and which is the destination. I wonder how many are at the destination and how many are sitting at home. At any given view of this path the ants are coming and going simultaneously. They swerve, intermingle and go about their business on the path they have set before them. What an amazing creature of task. Alone it can seem lost and vulnerable, but with the multitudes on the trail heading either direction they are quite a fascination to the art of an organized community.
Is every one of them doing a job? Are all of them working together to complete a common accepted task? Such a tiny creature, but with so much potential to teach us humans the fine art of working in unity and harmony for the common goal.
Then I think of me, my family, my friends, church and community. How often are we like these ants? How often are we not? How often do we sit and let someone else do the work? How often do we look at the task and find our spot in the community to do our part? Or do we sit on the sidelines and give a play by play commentary on how the others are doing it all?
What does God see when I'm sitting and watching these little creatures do all the work while I contemplate why things aren't going the way I planned or how I wanted?  Or am I just lackadaisically confused about everything in general? Oh sure; I'm a greater creature than these ants. But is my faith as great? And are my actions or lack thereof based on my faith? Fear? Greed?
I want to be part of this community. All bodies of Christ bumping into each other going to or coming from the task He has set before us. Could you imagine the effect this community would have on the world He so loves?  "Go YE therefore, and teach all nations..." Matt 28:19 KJV
I can accept my name as YE. Can You? Where are Ye on that ant path?


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