Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Teachings of the Ant

I'm sitting on a restaurant patio watching a trail of ants. There must be hundreds in view at all times. They are making a six inch path between a rotten piece of wood on the building, across the rock patio about 20 feet to a bush growing out of  the walk way. I can't tell which is home and which is the destination. I wonder how many are at the destination and how many are sitting at home. At any given view of this path the ants are coming and going simultaneously. They swerve, intermingle and go about their business on the path they have set before them. What an amazing creature of task. Alone it can seem lost and vulnerable, but with the multitudes on the trail heading either direction they are quite a fascination to the art of an organized community.
Is every one of them doing a job? Are all of them working together to complete a common accepted task? Such a tiny creature, but with so much potential to teach us humans the fine art of working in unity and harmony for the common goal.
Then I think of me, my family, my friends, church and community. How often are we like these ants? How often are we not? How often do we sit and let someone else do the work? How often do we look at the task and find our spot in the community to do our part? Or do we sit on the sidelines and give a play by play commentary on how the others are doing it all?
What does God see when I'm sitting and watching these little creatures do all the work while I contemplate why things aren't going the way I planned or how I wanted?  Or am I just lackadaisically confused about everything in general? Oh sure; I'm a greater creature than these ants. But is my faith as great? And are my actions or lack thereof based on my faith? Fear? Greed?
I want to be part of this community. All bodies of Christ bumping into each other going to or coming from the task He has set before us. Could you imagine the effect this community would have on the world He so loves?  "Go YE therefore, and teach all nations..." Matt 28:19 KJV
I can accept my name as YE. Can You? Where are Ye on that ant path?


Monday, July 23, 2012

The Real God Market (3) Compassion is our Passion!

Throughout the ages mankind has been positioned above all other creatures on our earth and I believe it has been for one reason; compassion for our fellow man and all living things around us.
While I do not want to get into a philosophical argument with scientists about how we have risen above the millions of species of animal life in a natural order of selection outlined by the farcical theory of evolution, I do want to point out a few glaring holes that man cannot ignore.
First of all, I do not think it is arrogant of man to assume his place as a sentient being in dominion over all other creatures.  The fact of the matter is many people in the world today and I might add, over many generations before us, have slowly turned away from God as our master and commander looking for their own answers to the meaning of life.  Believers know that The Bible states quite clearly that God gave man Dominion over all of the animals right from the beginning, "Then God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth." Genesis 1:28 NKJ  It is through this belief that we can come to a place of understanding what life is about.

Non-believers of course think all of this is just a big accident, or a "Big Bang" if you will.  Both groups agree on one thing, mankind is driven by emotion and  this includes compassion.  But, which group has the root of compassion figured out?  What is it exactly? Why is it only mankind that has this interesting characteristic.
Now let us understand and agree on one thing: Man is the only living creature that can show compassion through emotion, and as a result of the ability to reason, can do anything about it.  Let me say this another way because the scientists are vibrating right now.  There is no other species beside mankind alive today that comes to the aid of its own kind when assistance is needed.  Nor has any species ever before that has lived and gone extinct ever organized compassionate assistance for its own members of the species.  Aside from the parental tie between mother and infant there remains a large gap between humans and all animal species for the ability to show and give compassion to their own species.  Dinosaurs didn't bury their dead, neither did the birds of the air, or even the amoebas in the prehistoric oceans.  Many species in fact turn on the weaker within their communities and eliminate them giving most the appearance of a pack of wolves who turn on their wounded brother.
Scientists will tell you that this is because mankind evolved with certain brain functions that give us the ability to be compassionate.  (Not to mention the myriad of other emotions)  They would say this because recently they have discovered that mice and even some species of whales seem to show compassion to other members of their species when death or suffering is near.  The problem is, even if some species show or mimic compassion they can do nothing about the situation, having neither the faculties or resources available to them.  Is it then only an assumption made by arrogant man that we must be the only species able to show compassion?
I think it is a greater assumption of man to believe that animals can show compassion toward their own members or even other species (like man does) when the stack of evidence against the existence of compassionate animals is far greater than any evidence of existent compassion in other species.  The fact of the matter is nowhere in history since man has been recording our timeline has there been any witness or any evidence of any other species showing developed compassion and organization of compassionate assistance.  Neither have archaeologists dug up any evidence of an extinct species having compassionate tendencies.
Let us take this one point further:
If man is a result of millions of years of evolution culminating in a relatively short period of history to today, then it is equally likely that another species could have evolved, or should have evolved into another sentient being like we are now.  More-over, if it is possible to show mathematically how species evolved using the many DNA combinations (and it is) then there should be thousands of species alive today that have both the ability to reason and show compassion.  It is far more improbable that only one sentient species (mankind) should exist today given the mathematical opportunities that are possible through evolution; unless of course evolution is pure hogwash. Or maybe life has been carefully orchestrated this way, or somehow created with an evidential purpose.  Hmmmmm....

Now the scientists are really vibrating.  Especially because mankind has only been around for about 10,000 to 40,000 years, according to fossil records and pure speculation.  Life apparently evolved from a primordial soup and after thousands of "natural selections" and random recombination of DNA over millions of years we have MAN.  From small beginnings (only two, it still takes a man and a woman to have a baby right?) to having created almost 7 billion of us today.  In total estimates as many as 69 Billion to 110 Billion people have lived and died before us.  Creationists estimate around 51 Billion and the scientists the larger number believing man has been around longer.  It really doesn't matter because evolution does not leave enough time for man to develop to the way he is in only a few thousand years.  I mean we only came out of the cave a few thousand years ago. Again I say...Hogwash.

The real tragedy here is not that many do not believe in God anymore, but that they would rather believe such an implausible theory like evolution and continue to try and prove that theory by digging deeper into the science of our world.  All the while they dig they discover the more complex things are, how mathematically impossible it is for everything to work together the way it does.  Each new discovery about humanity and the way we are put together.  Did you know that there are over 10,000 working processes in each human body going on at any given time?  Many of them rely on each other to occur such that if only one or two processes were removed then life could not happen?  Yet still today man cannot make life from lifelessness, but we obviously came to life from lifelessness. (According to the theory of evolution, wait a second...didn't God do that?) Ironic isn't it?  Mankind today tries to prove the Non-Existence of God and through his efforts proves the immenseness  and complexity of God. 

Let's face it folks, I don't know about you but I am a fairly logical person and I do understand that even when mathematics cannot explain the impossible odds of the existence of mankind or for that matter our entire universe.  It still amazes me how afraid of God's truth the world is that millions of people would continue to try and unravel the mysteries of humanity, our world and our universe.  Just recently an agnostic astronomer was quoted with this,
“Astronomers now find they have painted themselves into a corner because they have proven, by their own methods, that the world began abruptly in an act of creation to which you can trace the seeds of every star, every planet, every living thing in this cosmos and on the earth. That there are what I or anyone would call supernatural forces at work is now, I think, a scientifically proven fact.” - Agnostic Astronomer Robert Jastrow (, July 17 2012)
No kidding...

Our compassion is "Our" passion, all of us have it, we have always had it, and many have continued to show it throughout our history.  No-one can explain the evidence of compassion in any real term other than the fact it exists in mankind, and only in mankind.  Compassion also explains why; Why we are here.  It is in the nature of God that we have compassion toward our fellow man and other species alike, for it is the nature of God to be compassionate.  It is His gift to each of us, as His creation, for we were made in His Image.  This is why you were born,  this is why you are alive today, do not reject it, embrace it with passion.

Rio Vista Mission House is built on this foundation of God's Compassion for humanity.  We fully appreciate all of the Mission Groups and their teams who will stay in the Mission House while they dole out mountains of Compassion to the local community here in the Dominican Republic.  Please support us as we continue to push forward with final steps to make the Mission House ready for teams.  I continue to pray God's blessing to enrich all of your lives through our experiences here in the D.R.  We thoroughly enjoy reading your comments and emails of encouragement each time we send up a blog!
We still need financial help with a few of the smaller details to complete the first stage of the project.  A detailed list can be viewed on the last blog.

Bless you all
Michael Boisclair