Sunday, March 4, 2012

NCMS Advocates!

Hello again everyone and bendiciones from sunny D.R.!
Laura and I are well here and I want to use this opportunity to preview another Mission Group whose work is pivotal to the progress and development of some of the people who live in the area on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.
When Laura and I first met Kim and Josie Pensinger in 2008, we had no idea how God was directing us; how He was establishing His people around us.  The Pensingers hail from San Diego and Vermont, but have spent many years on the Mission Field, working in places like North Bay Ontario, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires Argentina, and now Sosua Dominican Republic.  That first meeting with them seemed very comfortable, even now, looking back, it seems as though we have known them for much longer.
Dominican Advance started almost 6 years ago with the establishment of a Mission outreach here in Sosua; at first Kim and Josie Pensinger worked to develop relationships with other organizations which led to the establishment of a school in a local village near Sosua.  The school in Nazareth was built in 2007 and children began to attend classes that fall.  At first the school started with only three grades; adding a new flock of children each year since.  The education program at the school is based on standards set in place by the Ministry of Education in the D.R.  The fundamental difference in Nazareth is such that most of the children attend school each year with the help of funding from international sponsors.  Each child receives a uniform, books, backpack and school supplies from sponsorship funding on a monthly basis.  The children also receive a meal every day they attend school; the meal program is funded separately from sponsorship.  Nutri-Ninos provides a much needed food supplement as many of the children may only eat once a day at home.  After the successful launch and progress of the school in Nazareth, Dominican Advance was asked to step in and administer education programs at another school which was built nearby in another village.  The school in Paraiso was built by another Canadian Charity called Samaritan Foundation.  S.F. has built many villages surrounding the area providing much needed houses, schools, clinics and trade schools designed to empower the people in their own communities. 
The second school in Paraiso began classes in the fall of 2010 with children up to grade four.  When school began almost 90% of the children had little to no knowledge of the alphabet or numbers.  Today the school educates over 100 children and will add 50 new children each year up until grade 8.
Dominican Advance is now a registered Canadian Charity, incorporating 2 years ago to comply with a requests from a growing Canadian support base.
Today we see God position Dominican Advance to expand the Mission with the construction of a secondary school which will continue the education of all of the children leaving grade 8 from Nazareth and Paraiso.
The secondary school will be built to receive students in the fall of 2014.
Dominican Advance has always been a strong voice for God as they have obediently moved forward with Him.  We have watched from a short distance and stand witness to the blessings Dominican Advance had given to the people of the D.R.  Dominican Advance is bringing more and more teams to the area to administer education programs and other areas of empowering the people. 
Dominican Advance will be starting a capital campaign shortly to raise the necessary funds for the construction of the secondary school.
 Please join us as we acknowledge the importance of continuing the work that God has started within this Ministry.
You can view details about Dominican Advance through their website.

Bless you all as you make your way through another day God has made!

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