Monday, December 5, 2011

Time To Build!

Good morning all and bless you this day the Lord has made!  Laura and I want to thank all of you who have sent condolences to us with my fathers passing.  We are encouraged by many words of support and wish to convey thanks again to those who have continued to lift us up.
We continue to see God's will for us as we endure this time of mourning.  Before we left the D.R. for Canada to be with our family, we had found a property on which we can build the Mission House.  Dropped into our laps after months of searching a beautiful location and great value site; we made an offer.  Accepted!  We should close on the property soon after we return.  We have already secured a building contractor in the D.R. and we are tweaking details for construction to begin before Christmas!
Many of you who receive this blog have asked how you can support our is the time.

Our budget for the construction of this project is explained in the attached brochure that we are launching immediately.  This fundraising campaign will help us in establishing the Mission House, continuing the work with other Ministries, and empowering Dominicans for success!

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