Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hey everybody!  The time has arrived!  The rains have let up long enough for us to get some equipment onto the property and begin the construction process.  Of course this means only cleaning off the topsoil so they guys can properly lay out the foundations.  The foundation work will start right away as long as we have good weather and the security fence will also go up right away.  We first had to cut a road into the property, you can see the fence beside the road where we are working, that is my neighbor! (I do not know them yet)

 We have discovered that the land we have has about three feet of excellent topsoil on top of the bedrock.  We are only removing two feet of it so the crew has less to dig through to get to the bedrock for the foundations.  It took this guy about three hours to prep our land for the building to begin.  More pictures and video to follow!


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