Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mosquitoes have cloaking devices!

Slap! The sound was unmistakeable, yes another mosquito got away with trespassing.  I looked over at my wife only to see her again looking around her as she stood near the kitchen sink, twisting back and forth all the while looking at the floor near her feet.  Her hand was raised, open palm, ready to swing away at the malicious little creature that had offended her yet again.  "where the heck did it go!" she muttered under her breath.  I could barely make out the tirade of expletives that continued to pour out of my little wife, such a tragedy, that such a small creature could bring anyone to this level of discontent.  Of course this too got me to thinking, is there any useful good to a mosquito?  I mean, why did God make this obvious pest?  Was it made to keep us on our toes?  Maybe to harbor various parasites and viruses to keep certain populations of certain species in check.  Hmm mm....I wonder.  After a bit of research there appears to be no good reason why any mosquito should be allowed to exist!  I discovered (actually read) that most species of mosquitoes drink the blood of warm blooded creatures so that they can use proteins within the blood to create more eggs within a short life span.  It seems the blood they drink is full of life giving qualities mosquitoes need to create even more mosquitoes.  Some of us are more susceptible to bites from mosquitoes because they have an amazing ability to smell!  It seems that some of us perspire more amounts of CO2 than others which draw mosquitoes to us; they can smell our perspiration and are drawn to us!  Further to this, they carry a variety of Viral Diseases that can produce many problems to people and other animals alike; diseases like Malaria, or Dengue Fever or even West Nile Virus which can be deadly to both humans and birds.  However, recently mosquitoes have been studied because they possess within their tiny little bodies a chemical which they use to stop blood from clotting while they ingest blood from a victim.  The mosquito injects a saliva full of this chemical into the victim to stop blood from thickening; medical science is trying to harvest qualities of this saliva for medical reasons.  The ability to conduct surgeries better, blood thinning medication for heart disease, and a host of other illnesses that will benefit humanity once science can properly harvest the saliva of the mosquito!  So there you have it, most of us detest this small, determined, pesky little creature that has most likely pervaded our lives negatively for generations; millions of us have "slapped" at these devious little blood sucking demons!  But it seems painfully obvious to me that God has had a purpose for these little guys all along; discernment comes with understanding, Paul tells us this in Romans 1:20 " For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-His eternal powers and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."  This scripture, given to us by the Apostle Paul, tells men that creation, all things in creation, contain within it the invisible qualities of God's power and His nature, and that when the discoveries of creation are revealed for what they contain, man cannot understand how, but in time will be given the reasons for those discoveries; these mysteries of creation have been revealed time and time again.  Each time creation reveals itself, like the mosquito has, man has to receive the revealed qualities of creation as proof for God's might and His divine nature.  The tiny mosquito, reviled by humanity as a useful, disease ridden pest, has been revealed as a production engine for medical progress and therefore improved humanity, because God created it this way!  Man cannot deny what has been revealed, as the scripture indicates "...so that men are without excuse."  There is no good reason for a mosquito other than that which has been revealed in its proper time.  In today's day and age when technology exists to impart the ability to understand what a mosquito is good for has been debated between science and creationists for some time; Creationists will take my position, God revealed the invisible nature of the mosquito when it was needed.  Science has stated that Man revealed the invisible nature of the mosquito because Man developed into a more intelligent being.  What a deceived bunch we are!  That we could possibly believe that Mankind had anything to do with anything in creation!  Next thing you'll hear will probably be this "Man discovers how to make Gold out of Lead!"  Oh wait...we tried that.  I went down this road today with the blog because I wanted to remind you all of the small things that can tend to distract us with what is going on in our lives; but that maybe, just maybe, those small things buzzing around your legs trying to get a piece of you are there for a bigger purpose.  A purpose waiting to show God's invisible nature, His divine Nature.


  1. In the south, there is a bird called a Purple Martin. Our neighbors carve out vegetable gourds and paint them white to attract the Martins. They eat primarily winged insects, and mosquito's is a part of their diet. It is a great natural way to keep the mosquito population down without resorting to chemical foggers like they do inside the city. I believe they also live in the Dominican Republic. Check it out!

    1. You could also set up bat houses. One bat will eat up to 3000 mosquitoes in one night!