Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mission House!

Hello everybody and bless you this day the Lord has Made!  Laura and I are doing well even though it is hard to get through the hot afternoons this time of I know why they have siestas!  (kidding)  We are continuing to move forward on development of the Guest House.  Recently I spoke to a fellow Missionary who had a team at a local resort. He asked me pointedly..."When are you going to have the Guest House ready to receive teams?"
"Why?  I asked.  He sighed and told me the story which caused the question.  While they were  in the hotel having dinner with the team, along with his young children and wife, a tourist staying at the hotel walked out around the pool area and walked towards the beach, wearing nothing but his sunglasses.  Everyone on the team was shocked to say the least, but the hotel people did nothing to discourage the man's behaviour as he strutted toward the beach.  When someone finally reacted to the complaints he had donned his shorts and gone into the sea for a swim...he must have been afraid of little fish, certainly not of the people he had offended.
I tell you this story not to get you to shake your head but rather to show you that this is the state that the world has gotten too.  This is just another example of how bad things are.  The world sells on sex, the display of it, the outward desensitization of it, and the blatant "in your face" attitude of some people.
This is one of the primary reasons why we are here to build this Mission House.  The protection of teams and children from the hedonistic attitude of the world is most important right now.
The necessity for God's people to remove themselves from the world and renew themselves in one mind is so obvious to me that the Mission House needs to go forward sooner than later.
I am sure you will all agree with me that this type activity while disgusting will most likely continue to occur again.  This is what sells to some they tolerate it. 
We do not have to accept this lack of personal discipline in any situation.  Paul warns us when he says to us Therefore "Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord.  Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you."  2Cor 6:17
It is the same here within this cultural mandate that has now gripped the tourist industry here in the D.R.  We can no longer afford to submit ourselves to the uncleanness the world enjoys so much. 

Please join me as we push forward in God's will to establish a protected Mission House where the Lord's people do not have to be subjected to the distractions of the world.
Please view our brochure at the following link

Bless you all


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