Monday, April 25, 2011

Continuing the Work!

Hi everyone and Bless you all at this time of year.  Following resurrection Day, I feel even more blessed to know that we are well within the Lord's will here in the D.R.  the past week we have been busy expanding another aspect of our Ministry here on the island.  NCMS has mandated that our purpose here is to assist mission groups with projects, needs and opportunities whatever they may the Lord brings them to us.  I was praying that as we wait upon the Lord for His will in our guesthouse, that He will enlighten us as to our additional purposes here.  Through prayer and counsel we offered our helping hands and willing hearts to work side by side with mission groups already working on the island.  Last week we busied ourselves painting in two clinics which are operated by Willing Servants Ministries.  These medical clinics bring much needed medical support to two villages in the area.  Prior to these clinics existence, the people of these villages had to travel far for medical services that many of them could not a result...many did not have any services at all.  From our perspective in Canada the right to affordable medical service is taken for it is few and far between.  The least we can do is offer basic service for these souls.  It was a blessing for us that we could offer our help to these missionaries who give so tireslessly to help so many who cannot get even so much as a foothold on their own lives.  Whatever the Lord brings into our field of view is how we must approach our time here.  NCMS is dedicated to the support of missionaries in whatever capacity they require...

May is fast approaching and we will soon be involved in a Dominican Church plant...Dominican Advance, who ministers in education in two schools here on the island, is beginning the start up of a Dominican Church next month.   We have been asked to come alongside and offer our assistance as best we can.  We have a little insight as to our role here and we look to counsel and prayer for this venture.  Many of you who pray for us have valuable information that we could use as we walk out this next journey.  If you have it in on your heart please pray for us or even offer your advice . 

We have been delayed with our purchase of the project house we talked about five weeks ago...suffice to say that things do not always go as planned.
We look forward to the day when we can get started with the Mission House...for we wait upon the Lord, we will busy ourselves with the work at hand.
Bless you all and please continue to pray for us in whatever way God leads you.
Michael and Laura Boisclair