Monday, March 14, 2011

Today I feel good, having endured the first cold in years and of course, as I'm sure you will all agree, summer colds tend to be worse!  Both Laura and I are adjusting to the climate and the colds we have both suffered are just another bump in the road.  We have been actively searching a variety of properties and several options have been presented through our contacts here in the D.R.  While we have not made a decision as yet, we both feel the Lord guiding us along a patient path...the calming presence of His spirit.  It is obvious to us that His will for us to continue to seek Him and trust He will provide the place and situation through His people is profound.  God has surrounded us with good, caring people who wish, above anything else, to serve the Lord.  Several Mission groups who operate here and bring teams of people here to work, have committed support for our operation once we are established.  Truly a blessing and more confirmation of our calling to be here.  This week we are asking for prayer support in particular with the location confirmation.  We are near a decision and trust that God has directed us to the right place and time.

Laura and I appreciate all of your prayers, please write us back as the Lord directs you if you have any questions or words for us as we continue our journey.  Once we have chosen our base we will put together a mission team to come to the island and help us get set up.  The options we have on our short list (we have four options right now) will all require substantial upgrading and in some cases complete rebuilding!

We miss you all very much especially our home group bunch!

Dios te bendigas!

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