Friday, March 18, 2011

Rio Vista has been Found!

The last few days has been a whirlwind of activity for NCMS...we finalized details of the incorporation process for our Non-Profit Dominican Corporation and entered into working agreements with missionaries here on the island.  We have been negotiating with a Dominican who owns a large property with two large buildings which have 20 bedrooms/20 bathrooms, large gathering areas, a pool, a gazebo for outdoor meals and a large empty lot for development as well.  Today the owner accepted our final offer and we will close on the property in June.  We must complete several renovations and upgrades to make the property work for NCMS but we should be ready to receive our first guests by August or September of 2011!  We have a conditional agreement on this property and we could close earlier on the deal (if we get all our funding in place).  We have only been on the island for three weeks and God has truly showed His hand.  All of the mission groups have rallied around us committing resources of time and support for the successful launch of Rio Vista GuestHouse!  Laura and I want to thank all who have been committed to prayer and financial support for God's mission for us here in the Dominican Republic.  Much work is still to be done and continued prayer and additional finances still have to be raised.
We will require set-up donations for the first mission team to bring once we have established a final close date for the property.  We are past the first step...and the second will continue to test our faith as we walk this journey out with God.
I will forward a list of required donated items which we need for the Guest House to the Mission Team leaders and Directors within the company.  If you have any questions or require more information please reply directly to this email or comment on the blog.  Financial contributions can be made through Bridges of Hope in Lethbridge with complete Canadian Tax receipts.
The Lord is Great and Greatly to be praised!!!!

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