Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well everyone, the day has finally arrived...Feb 22 we flew from Toronto, but not without enduring one last trial in Canada!  It seems the Lord has a continued sense of humor as He unleashed a record snow dump on Windsor the day before we leave.  So I spent most of the day shoveling snow, digging out the folks...digging out neighbors...and of course 4 X 4 ing through the streets of Windsor!  What fun!   O to leave or not to leave...see ya!  We will pray for a swift end to the winter Canada enjoys so well!  Kidding aside...our flight was uneventful and quick, even Raven our dog did very well on her first flight!  She was a bit excited when we arrived and was very glad to see us.  We cleared customs easily with the dog and saw our taxi was waiting for us.  Laura and I were discussing our mission with our cab driver and explaining who we knew in country as missionaries and we discovered Jose also knew many of the people we had met of previous trips.  While driving down the road Jose suddenly pulled over and waved over a man standing on the roadside...Michel Drouin from Quebec was evangelizing again in the country.  We had stayed with Michel and got to know his heart for the Haitians who he ministered to.  Michel jumped into our taxi and we caught up quickly on the past two years.  What a blessing to see him again!  Michel immediately invited us to stay with him as he would be alone soon when his team returned to Canada in March.  Another blessing!  We will certainly explore this option the Lord has presented!  After settling in at our Hotel Casa Blanca in Cabarete, we enjoyed our first day venturing out to the community and seeing what was where.  We have met the owners of the Hotel, former pastor and wife from London Ontario, William and Dorothy have lived here for several years and now minister to locals and tourists alike as they use their hotel.  William is also a successful realtor on the North Coast and has several options for us to view!  Last night we met another pair of Missionaries who run a local orphanage and children's hospital here in Cabarete.  Martin and Cindy  work with street kids and abandoned babies.  We also met a family from Whitehorse who are here working with Martin on his Hospital.
The Lord continues to open doors and we are prayerfully vigilant of His guiding will...continue to pray for us and His direction as we go forward with these people and others who will surely come into our path.

Bless you all
Michael and Laura

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One week to go in Canada!

Hey everyone, bless you all this day the Lord has made!  The last few weeks we have journeyed across Canada...U-haul in tow and now we find ourselves in Windsor Ontario visiting with the last few family members on Laura's side.  For those of you who didn't know it, it takes days to get across this province!  Ontario is huge!
And cold!  The Lord is giving us a good appreciation of winter before we leave,  I told you He has a great sense of humor!  I'm not complaining, we have enjoyed our time with family and are almost ready now to moake the final move to the island.  February 22 is our fly date and when we arrive we have several options to consider.  We will be staying at a Christian Hotel in Cabarete...Casa Blanca Hotel!  We look forward to getting there and activating our business plan.  North Coast Missionary Services is fully incorporated now in the D.R.  and we are praying the Lord will show his hand when we arrive.  Pray with us as we make this final step that God will bless and cover us as we go.  Pray with us for His blessing and covering for our children and family we leave behind.  We look forward to seeing many of you in the D.R. in the time to come! 

Bless you well
Michael and Laura Boisclair