Friday, December 17, 2010


Good Morning to all and bless you on this day the Lord has made!  Well things are progressing quickly now as we have entered into agreements to sell our house and have accepted a great offer on our business last Friday!  We have so much to do now as we continue to downsize our possessions and get ready for the move to the D.R.  We are busy training the new buyers for our company and hopefully by Mid January we will be able to go.  It was six years ago that I gave my life and everything in it to God and learned to trust His ways for me.  Our life has been full of trial and blessing at the same time.  Each trial we face allows us the opportunity to look to God for answers and every time we do, we see the blessing come forward.  The dream of moving to the Mission Field began more than 40 months ago and since then the trials have been immense.  Many of you who we call friends know of these trials as we have accepted your counsel and wisdom as we shared our trials with you.  We see the hand of God moving people around us to line us up with the best counselors for each has always been through God's people that we see the true spirit of God!  Many of them unwittingly realizing their purpose in our trials until...through their words or actions...a solution presents itself for our trials.  The most recent trial presented itself when we knew we had to make the step to go to the Mission Field.  This step involved selling almost everything we, business, and possessions in order to go.  Once the decision was made in February 2010...God began to work on his people.  In May He brought us a buyer for our house...who will use the house for local ministry!  He brought us several buyers for our business, one of which we chose just last Friday!  The day after we sold our company I received notice from our lawyer in the D.R. that our non-profit company has been granted full operational status by the Government there!  Once the lawyers settle on a close date for our company here in Lethbridge we can officially announce our leave date...sometime in January 2011!  We are officially in uncharted waters now...stepping out into the nations with Faith and trusting fully that God will continue to fill our lives with people who bring good Godly I type this short blog, I can sense His presence within me...knowing it pleases Him to see Faith meet with action.  This is the confidence God can give...I know Him through His trials for me,  I know Him through His blessings when I trust He will see us through the trials.  Look always to the in Him...step out in Faith...and you will see the blessing in your lives.  We are only at the beginning and we have seen so much...I can hardly wait to see the rest!
Blessings to all of you who support us...through your counsel....your giving...and your prayers!