Sunday, October 17, 2010

Knowing the Time...watching the signs.

Most of you know that our timing is close and as we draw near to the time to leave we are ever mindful of how God wants us to represent the calling He has given us.  What I mean is how we respond to the things that happen around us and who He involves us with in our daily lives.  Things which happen and you have no apparent explanation for things other than God must have orchestrated it.  For example...eight months ago while counseling with Daniel Zopoula about the timing of our move to the D.R. we concluded that October seemed likely given the circumstances at the time.  During the last eight months we have been diligent in seeking his will for that timeline and everything has unfolded towards this day.  We have been shown favor with our company and with our completing our home renovations so we might be able to get top dollar on a very busy real estate market.  God has also allowed us time to visit family and friends we have not seen in a very long time and we have seen the blessing of God in their lives.  We have a great peace of knowing we could be gone soon and may not see those we love for some time.   Pray for us as we continue on the path tomorrow...we are meeting with our first potential buyers for our house!  We were approached earlier this year in May by a group who saw an interest in our house.  Well tomorrow they want to make an offer...and they have already agreed to all our conditions!  Without listing and without pushing ourselves into the Mission Field, God has orchestrated all of this in His time.  We step out now boldly and with confidence that His plan will unfold.  Praise His name!  Thank you Jesus!

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